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ECU Remapping in Basingstoke

We provide ECU remapping in Basingstoke, Hampshire for modern petrol and diesel cars of any make or model. Contact us today and we can get your car booked in to be remapped and get your performance significantly improved.

ECU remapping is an engine tuning service that removes restrictions placed on your car by the manufacturer. These restrictions are put on to safeguard against the risks of using sub-standard fuel (which we don’t have in Europe), or owners who don’t service their vehicles regularly. By remapping the ECU (engine control unit) we can get your engine performing at its optimum level, as it was originally designed to do.

MPC’s ECU remapping service

Our technicians at MPC are experienced ECU re-mappers, and this is something we can do quickly for you while you wait at our Basingstoke service station. We access the engine control unit through the on-board diagnostics port and through here we can re-programme your ECU. We will uniquely tailor your remap depending on the make and model of your car, as well as whether you want to make your car more economical or you’re looking to increase power.

The whole process just takes 30minutes to an hour, and you’ll notice an immediate difference in the drive when you leave.

What ECU remapping gives you:

  • More power
  • Greater response
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Smoother acceleration
  • Better overall driving experience

The effect of ECU remapping differs from car to car, but in all cases you’ll notice a significant difference to the efficiency and power of your car – which translates to a better drive. However, if you own a car with Turbo Diesel Injection you’ll notice a particularly large difference if you get your ECU remapped.

The benefits of ECU remapping (as opposed to other tuning methods)

ECU remapping is the best way of tuning an engine. Tuning boxes only increase the fuel pressure and increase injection periods which creates spikes of power, and over a long period of time this can have a detrimental effect on the health of your engine. Because ECU remapping has access to all of the engine controls it spreads the power evenly and has no negative impact on the engine. Get in touch with our Basingstoke, Hampshire based ECU re-mappers today.

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